Thursday, May 20, 2010

Antenatal Class

i have registered for Antenatal class at KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital for this Saturday from 9 am till 6 pm and sgt excited to attend the with zero knowledge on labour technique,parenting etc2 (due to lack of reading )will depend entirely on what the class would offer hmmmm.maybe i should start reading more bace buku Dr miriam stoppard pun tak habis2 lagi....

So what can we expect from antenatal class?

What are antenatal classes?as what i read from babycentre at

Antenatal classes may come in various forms, but all have the same aim - to help prepare you for labour, birth and early parenthood. They are usually available at hospitals with a sizable labour and delivery unit. In bigger urban areas and cities, there are also independent antenatal educators. Wherever you take these classes, you will have to pay for them.
( at KPJ Selangor Specialist Hospital ist RM80 per couple)

Why go to antenatal classes?

Antenatal classes not only help you focus on your pregnancy and forthcoming labour and birth, but they also have a great social function - they're a great place to meet other parents-to-be.

The content of the classes will vary, but should include some of the following:

• care during pregnancy

• information about the process of labour and childbirth

• a general idea of medical procedures and interventions

• the latest research suggestions about possible physical, mental and emotional preparations for labour and childbirth

• advice on relaxation techniques

• the opportunity to discuss the options of different labour and positions

• a guide to pain relief choices

• the chance to learn and try out massage skills and breathing techniques during labour

• the time to ask questions and rehearse the possible decisions you may have to make during the course of your labour

• some indication of the changes you might experience after the birth and in early parenthood

• breastfeeding and some aspects of newborn care

Whatever the class, the idea is that both you and your husband will acquire the skills and confidence needed to make birth a positive experience.

Tapi in one day ble grasp seme info ker? hmmm so i seriously have to start reading exam dah abih dah takde alasan tak de masa nak read book about parenting, baby and such ...


zahira said...

k long pon ada gak baca buku Dr Miriam tu. Very informative. Tp class antenal tak pegi. takde masa, hahaha...Time bersalin tu la...pandai2 sendirik, hehehe

najmi said...

tu la mi pun last minit ni booking naseb baik ada class Sat ni, Isnin balik Trg dah.Kalu ble pandai sendiri mujur kang mie takut mi bising lam Labour room duk tanya Dr gane nak deliver heheheh

zahira said...

mimi...nanti before nak kuarkan baby tu dia akan bgtau mcm tu la bila dah sakit tu apa yg dia bagitau pon cam masuk telinga kanan kuar telinga kiri la. pastu wat style sendiri, hahaha...

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