Saturday, December 4, 2010

Current Reading:Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult


sekrg ni tgh gigih menghabiskan my novel ni,
masa pi MPH, ingt nak beli
Eat ,Pray, Love tapi bile tgk price, mahal  rm 5, n buku jodi way much tebal, so me decide beli Nineteen Minutes je la, bole spend bnyk masa skit baca buku ni.
masa baca review kat blkg buku, paham its like the columbine high school massacre,
but when i read more, its even better,coz ada bnyk issue about parenting 
this is actually my second book from Jodi, first time baca jodi book title Second Glance, n mmg tak berapa into it .(its about ghost)
naseb baik tak stop at one book and i try to read another book from her, and i must say,
this one is worth buying.

 Happy Reading

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Nuh muka kerut sb duk baca novel jgak ker??
btw, novel Nuh ni bila na amik??

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